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We have been working on creating educational videos starring our staff members for our patients and families. Check out our videos below! 


Camron Johnson, DO presents a short video on how to handle allergy symptoms.

Respiratory Distress

This video (posted with permission) shows what grunting sounds like in an infant in respiratory distress. Notice how the grunt is on every exhale, it is not intermittent.

AAP- Signs of RSV in Babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics publish a video showing signs of respiratory distress in infants (often seen in RSV).

Car Seat Information

This video presented by VDH and Safe Kids answers lots of common questions about car seats.

Infant Sleep

Ashley Logan, MD presents a short informational video on infant sleep.

Infant CPR

Kayla (BSN, RN, CPN) presents a short video on the basics of infant CPR.

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